Swiftify for Xcode App Reviews

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Worked Well until Version 4.0

The xcode extension worked until the recent 4.0 release.

Extremely helpful!!

This tool saves much of the tedious work converting Objective-C to Swift. I converted a medium-small sized project in one shot and it all worked out quite nicely. Alex responds very quickly to feedback and questions!

Needed Tool

My only concern was the code needs to be uploaded to the cloud. But responding to my review the developer says there is a local version of the app but it requires a Offline Plan. Otherwise, a much needed tool.

Very, very useful

Has saved god knows how many hours. It reallty does get you most of the way there.

Amazing tool. Saves so much time.

I used to use the free online tool to copy paste, then upgraded to the Pro plan when they added the XCode extension feature. It really helped in the early days. If you marked your ObjC classes with nullability markers, and collection instances with types, it did a pretty good job of getting mostly there. When they added the Unlimited plan with whole project conversion, at first I thought the price was high and I wouldn’t need it. I gave it a one month trial, and immediately upgraded to the yearly plan. I’m amazed at all the stuff it figures out. Makes or modifies bringing headers, converts macros to functions (that’s wizard level stuff), enums made with NSEnum to Swift enums with proper naming conventions, methods that have an NSError** parameter automatically converted to throw Errors, categories to extensions, Swiftifies property and method names (recognises get, with etc…) automatically modifies Xcode projects, even in workspaces, to swap old ObjC files for new Swift files. It finds NSString *consts that are used as NSNotifcation keys and automatically creates a Swift Notification.Name static category extension for it an even removes old ObjC nomenclature like ‘k’ before the name and ‘Notification’ or ‘Key’ at the end! Deals with Bridinging headers for projects with multiple targets correctly, only modifying bridge headers for files marked for certain targets that used to have certain includes, and won’t double add entries already in the bridge headers. It does even more smart stuff than that. The attention to detail for edge cases is pretty incredible. Worth every penny, have used on many projects now to do partial conversions and has saved me who even knows how many hours. Work I probably wouldn’t have ever done. Did they NEED to be in Swift? No maybe not, but once you start converting code to Swift it’s a joy to work in those classes later and often results in way cleaner code. And you don’t have to covert the whole project! It will though figure out nullability and how to handle obj-c classes in other files better so you end up with way less ‘Any?’s. If you work in any mixed language projects or wants to update some ObjC code, this is the first tool I’d recommend. How much is your time worth? If it saves you just a few hours a month it’s well worth the cost. I love this tool so much this is literally the first app store review I’ve ever left and I myself have been making apps for the store since day it opened! I agree with the other review, Apple should buy this and make it an official tool, but then again I hope not because they’re doing a way better job than Apple does on Xcode by far.

Incredible tool, saves SO much time!

I have been tasked with converting an entire project(not small either…around 300 views) from ObjC to Swift. Now, unfortunately due to company restraints blah blah blah I am converting to Swift 2.2. That being said, this tool has still saved me hundreds upon hundreds of hours. I am able to plug in a view’s code and with some slight adjustments get it working perfectly. My initial estimate for my task was months and with this application I had it done in weeks. Thanks for the awesome tool Alex, keep it up!

Gets you about 90% there.

This tool is a godsend. Apple should buy it and roll it into Xcode. It doesn’t get everything right, but it’ll still save you hours or days. A small app can be converted to Swift in a day or two. A medium-sized app in less than a week. Much better than starting from scratch because you can compare your files side-by-side after converting your project with the subscription-level purchase. Many thanks to Alex for providing this!

Worth every penny

This is a great tool for helping you to gradually convert large Obj-C projects to Swift.

Many hours saved

This app does one thing - converts ObjC to Swift - and I have found no other tool that does it better. Additionally, Alex responds diligently to customer inquiries and quickly pushes updates that fix bugs. Highly recommend.


I started with the free version and was able to convert chunks of code via the website. It worked well enough I decided to upgrade to the $29.99 package and I’m in the process of converting several Objective-C projects to Swift. So far, so good!

Saves lots of time!

It’s a hair clunky. It works best to copy the header file into the .m file and then convert the file. I wish it infered the types for variables. It adds the type info the objc file had. It also leaves in the if in the init’s which you don’t really do in Swift. eg. iif (super.init()) { } Use it all the time though. Saves tons of typing.

Free version is too limited

There is no mention of the fact that the free version is so crippled as to be worthless for any practical use (2K of code per conversion is mighty limited). To get to the next higher increment will cost $90/year. Not $90 to upgrade... $90/year. In my mind this feels like bait-and-switch.

Works very well for me

Of course you will want to verify the results, but working on a project with a lot of legacy ObjC, this will help me greatly. Thanks!

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